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  1. take someone aback

    • shock or surprise someone
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    • shock or surprise someone

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    • 英文 gobsmacking

      ...立誓要賠償給貸方的錢。 gobsmacked - utterly astounded 完全吃驚 to describe someone as being gobsmacked means they're very surprised or taken aback. 形容某人非常驚訝或嚇一大跳 參考:

    • 英文慣用語的翻譯問題(1)

      ...狀態。 5. be taken (by a comment or some news) aback 有在後的意思,所以 be taken aback 就是被(在後的)不能預見的事物給帶走,翻的白話一點就是:被評論/新聞給...