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  1. take something down

    • ph.
      write down spoken words;dismantle and remove a structure
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    • push me down的中文意思?

      ... got the whole world around Something tells me not to make a...know still wears the same disguise Take me, rape me, push me down As long as I'm...

    • 英文高手幫忙造句

      ...up the company. 新任董事長將重新改組公司 7.start something up 創辦 8.take somebody on 雇用 Our boss wants to take...想要雇用一名新助理來處理增加的工作量 9.step down 退休、辭職 He is not ready to step...

    • 請教一句英文翻譯~~please take down ~~

      ...replace是同義字,這句話你用任何一個都可以! 請看字典上的解釋及例句: to remove something that is old or broken and put a new one in its place (synonym...