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    • 徵求統計高手解答

      The 95% confidence interval should be calculated before sampling to understand the random interval that attempts to cover the true mean. The population mean is m=82 with a standard deviation of s=√20=4.47. Sample size is n=50. At 0.05 level, the 95...

    • 有關statistics

      ...add up all the squared deviations, divide by the sample size, and then take the square root. 2006-08-10 09:04:00 補充: 5-number summary: A summary...

    • 統計題目 Statistics 該如何應付

      Sample A與Sample B從各自母體分配隨機抽出,故兩者之間應該不存在相關,因此該題要用「獨立樣本T檢定」來做。計算過程與說明如下: a. 假設兩母體的變異數相等,則 (Abar-Bbar)~t(20+25-2=43)分配,因此自由度=43 b. 總和變異數...