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    • to come.....??請幫忙(10點)

      one 指的是前一句的a bald step forward in their relationship 而that....years to come這部分,是用來形容one的 皆下來to come是形容years,意思是"未來的日子" 而不是 come的用法

    • 英文的口頭報告,中翻英!!!

      ...因為天空所呈現的漂亮顏色,所以我又拍下了這張照片。Later,as I took a few steps forward and looked up, I noticed the sky got evenbrighter, and...

    • 我要Auburn- Don't give up歌詞的中文翻譯 track 小女孩,我知道你一直很脫線 You feel like taking one step forward, taking two back 覺得好像每向前一步,就會後退2步 No matter how hard you try...