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  1. take sth. out

    • ph.
      取走, 拿走;除去, 切除, 拔除(身體的一部分)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 取走, 拿走
    • 2. 除去, 切除, 拔除(身體的一部分) She's gone into hospital to have her appendix taken out. 她已住院去切除闌尾。 How many teeth did the dentist take out? 牙科醫生給患者拔了幾顆牙?
    • 3. 獲得(官方文件或處理) take out an insurance policy, a mortgage, a patent 領到保險單、抵押單據、專利證書
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    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...down取下、寫下 take in欺騙 take off脫下、起飛 take on sb.呈現、承擔、僱用 take out取出 take part in參與 take place發生 take turns輪流 take up攻讀、佔據空間 take sth up with sb.諮商 look after照顧 look at看 look down on輕視 look for尋找 look forward...

    • 急問 英文的片語 指考曾考過的

      ... = 堅持他們的立場。 watch one's back = 等待某人回來。 take it out = 扣除;除去;取出;帶...出去。 save it skin = 逃脫。 take sb. in the dark about sth. = 某人不知道某些事情。 Just for your reference. Hope...

    • 英文片語~~幫忙翻譯@@感謝

      1. take a break /休息.偷閒 2. hand sth in /提出.繳交某件東西 3. to get along with somebody /單獨和某人在一起 4. be know for /無數 5. on my own/靠我自己 6. out of order /發生故障.出毛病.違反議事規則.順序序亂 7. off the...