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  1. take sth. over

    • ph.
      接收, 接管(公司)(尤指依靠多數股東支持);控制, 管理(國家、政黨等)
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. 接收, 接管(公司)(尤指依靠多數股東支持)

      The firm has been taken over by an American conglomerate. 該公司已被美國一企業集團接管。

    • 2. 控制, 管理(國家、政黨等)

      The army is/are threatening to take over if civil unrest continues. 軍方聲稱如內亂不平息將實行軍管。

      Has the party been taken over by extremists? 該黨是否已被極端分子控制?

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