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  1. take sth. up

    • ph.
      一起說(或唱、喊); 參加某事;接受某物
    • 釋義


    • 1. 一起說(或唱、喊); 參加某事 The whole crowd took up the cry: Long live the King!. 人們齊聲歡呼: “國王萬歲!” take up a chorus, refrain, song, etc. 一起合唱、唱副歌、唱歌等
    • 2. 接受某物 take up a challenge 接受挑戰 She took up his offer of a drink. 他邀請她喝酒, 她也就接受了。
    • 3. 採取(某種態度); 佔據(某位置) Our troops took up defensive positions on high ground overlooking the river. 我部隊在臨河高地上佔據了防禦陣地。
    • 4. 開始從事(尤指職業) She has taken up a job as a teacher. 她當上教師了。 She takes up her duties next week. 她下週開始履行職責。
    • 5. 接續講(中斷的或他人未講完的故事) She took up the narrative where John had left off. 她接著講約翰未講完的故事。
    • 6. 拿起; 舉起; 抬起; 提起 take up one's pen 拿起筆(寫字) The carpets had to be taken up when the house was rewired. 這房子重新安裝電線時, 把地毯都掀了起來。
    • 7. 提出某事(以期商討) I'd like to take up the point you raised earlier. 我想把你曾提過的問題提出來討論一下。
    • 8. 吸收(液體) Blotting-paper takes up ink. 吸墨紙能吸墨水。
    • 9. 將(衣服、簾幕等)改短 This skirt will need taking up. 這條裙子需要改短。
    • 10. 以...作為愛好(或消遣) take up gardening, golf, yoga 以園藝、打高爾夫球、瑜珈作消遣 She has taken up the oboe. 她學起雙簧管來了。
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