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  1. take stock in

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    • 1. 相信 I don't take much stock in fortune-tellers. 我不大相信算命的人。
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    • 英文翻譯 taking stock

      you were staying home and taking stock. 您待在家裡而且提高警覺. take stock = 提高警覺,小心緊慎,小心思考 To...

    • 英文片語 國高中範圍

      ...盡力 take part in-參加 take shelter-避難 take sick-生病 take sides-偏袒 take stock in-相信 take the consequences-承擔後果 take the field-開戰 take the mickey...

    • 英文達人請進

      ...另外一種解法。 若是不認得選項的單字,看題目可以猜出一二。 Please take _______ of all the items stocked in this room. "Of" 前面只能加名詞。Invent/invented...