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    take the airline
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    take the air line

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    • 急需 這些商英句子拜託大家幫我翻譯一下(別翻譯機

      ...調查資深經理的工作分量。 片語5 They have made an informal offer to take over the airline. 他們以非正式的管道提議接收這家航空公司。 The government took...

    • 煩麻各位高手了!!!翻譯英文!!

      ... and US Airways takes the total to over $1.5 billion in fuel hedging...損失上一共超過了十五億元。 Singapore Airlines is the latest in a string of ...

    • 500字以內的英文文章

      ...2002). The future shape of the airline industry in each major region or continent... in Table 9.3. The timescale is uncertain. The... American, it will take longer because of regulatory and...