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  1. take the salute

    • ph.
      (在前進通過的士兵敬禮時)行答禮, 還禮
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    • ph.


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    • 幫我解釋這篇英文短文的文法架構

      ..., as the bartender politely asked the gentleman to take the call outside. 主要子句+副詞子句。 4---"... the business-man gave the middle-finger salute, a third irate drinker cracked a beer bottle...

    • 關於這段回信的意思請告訴我它的內容謝謝

      版主 您好 假如你曾經被要求要照片證明(salute),那就代表它包含有關隱私與安全很重要的事。 要做出...你這樣做,請讓我們知道。 2009-09-01 20:44:17 補充: *salute 所謂的照片證明, 就是現在很多爲要求證明真實身分的網站...

    • 軍事用語翻譯 ~急~20點

      ...state banquet 9.Every union military salute duty 10.Task on garrison duty of the national particular place Position...officer) :The commanding officer takes the officer's sword. Palm flag...