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    • 有關sports的idioms翻譯...急!!!

      ...也不欠誰了) 2 to be out in left field = to be not...kind 直言無忌 5 to take the ball and run with it = be in the last part of a long or difficult activity...團團轉) 10 to take the wind of one's sails = to cause one to lose...

    • 麻煩翻譯 張惠妹 Don't Sail Away

      ...easily But he was taking far too long to make his... I filled the sails with my breath 於是... hand Though the wind called out I remained instead...

    • 煩請英文高手幫我翻譯(勿使用翻譯軟體)

      黑夜降臨,讓我憶起你的眼 美麗又純潔,你是我的未來 抑制淚水希望你就在這 沒有你,我陷入,我迷失 每晚夜空的星星就像是在輝映我們的愛 我們曾不管它的寬闊一一細數著每顆星星 我仍愛你 深沉的痛 深入我的心 傷的太深無法平復 我仍愛著你 女孩...