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  1. take thought for

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    • 1. 對...擔心 You needn't take thought for future. 你不需要擔心將來。



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    • 請問”想念”的英文怎拼?(急)

      ...思念 yearn 思念;渴望;嚮往 yearning 思念;渴望 yearningly 思念地;渴望地 take thought for 對...擔心;對...惦念 希望對你有幫助^^ 2007-12-16 18:29:23 補充: think 想...

    • How long does it take you?

      I think you just want to ask someone to come in for a chat on here. And it's hard to find someone something then..... 2009-03-26 14:36:44 補充: I think there is no standard rule about your question ...

    • the finest artisans were ...??

      ... to commit ritual suicide. Ramhotep was aghast at the thought, for it would deny the world of the beautiful creationshe had yet to make. Thus...