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  1. take to

    • ph.
      喜歡; 沈溺於;開始從事
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    • 1. 喜歡; 沈溺於 I was introduced to the headmistress. I can't say I took to her. 他們介紹我認識了女校長, 我不能說我喜歡她。 He took to drinking shortly after his wife died. 在他太太死後不久他就沈溺於喝酒。
    • 2. 開始從事 He took to studying English 5 years ago. 他五年前開始學英語。
    • 3. 離去而到(某處)(尤指為躲避敵人); 逃入(某處) take to the forest, woods, jungle, etc. 逃進森林、樹林、叢林等 The crew took to the lifeboats when the ship was torpedoed. 船被魚雷擊中, 船員逃上救生艇。


    喜歡; 沈溺於


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    • 翻譯take to protect their money

      您好 take to protect their money ANS: 意思是說 什麼樣的措施和人民將採取以保護他們的錢(And what measures people would take to protect their money) 以上所述,希望對您有所助益! 給您作為參考 2008...

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      I did ( ) it took to make it to the top.1.that 2.which 3.what 4.this I did what it took...

    • 英文文法問題(

      They took him to be me. 他們把他認做是我 He was taken to be I. 他被認做是我 二句算是不一樣的句型 第一句是主動句 第二句是被動句