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    take to the bottle

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    • 這是一個英語閱讀測驗 拜託幫幫我好嗎?

      .... and Mrs. Brown take their three children to the picnic. 2.What day do Mr...have a pound of cheese. 4.How many bottles of juice do they have? A: They...

    • *急急急~英文重組句子*

      ...biodegradable, but aluminum cans and plastic bottles are't. 紙是可以生物分解的,但是...truck? you your separate food and then it the leftover garbage Do to take Do you separate your leftover food...

    • 急~英文句子6句 [重組句子] 誰會???

      1. Paper are biodegradable, but aluminum cans and plastic bottles aren't. 2. Do you separate your garbage and food leftover then take it to the truck? 3. The government says that it will fine people for throwing...