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  1. talk over
    • 1. 討論; 說服; 研究

      We would like to talk it over with you before you make the announcement. 在你宣布以前, 我們想與你商量一下。The boys settled their argument by talking it over. 孩子們用討論方式解決了爭端。Tom is trying to talk Bill over to our side. 湯姆想說服比爾贊同我們一方。Talk it over with your wife and give me your answer tomorrow. 與你妻子商量一下明天給我回答。Richard is going to talk the problem over with his advisor. 理查德將把這個問題與指導教師一起研究。They tried to talk him over to their side. 他們試圖通過勸說把他爭取到他們那邊去。
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    討論; 說服; 研究
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    talk over

    ...與某人商議某事 I have got something to talk over with you.=我有事要跟你商量。 to talk over a person'...吃午餐時好好地談一下這件事。 (4)Let's talk over at lunch. 本句語法也錯誤。talk over不能沒有受詞...

    英文total failure

    ...cup of coffee. 不是正確英語。 我們可以說: Let's go to the cafe and talk over a cup of coffee. 我們上咖啡館去,喝杯咖啡聊聊天。 over a cup of coffee 意思...

    關於形容詞子句who and whom的問題?

    ...大師精闢解析(點) 原句型: There are many teachers talking over there. Two of them are my English teachers...

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