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    • blag和blague是什麼意思??

      ...音帶等物);(靠滑頭)取得 blague: n. (名詞 noun) 【法】胡扯 英文解釋: 1. to talk nonsense (or rubbish); to chat idly; to drivel; to blabber 2. a chat; a small talk; a natter 同義字: blabber...

    • 急~徵英文高手幫我修改以下ANS的文法?

      ...can take my dog anywhere to play.Then I will ride the bicycle idly in neighborhood. I enjoy Sunday's leisurely and carefree time. for one minute about your favorite celebration. Ans: I like ...

    • 英翻中(兩篇資料)

      ...然後你就能夠了解所有我要你了解的事情。 16((This is how we can talk about "honour" without blinking an eye. For further information...