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  1. talk nineteen to the dozen


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    • 1. 喋喋不休 They talked nineteen to the dozen about all they had done in that time. 他們喋喋不休地談著那段時間裡他們所做過的一切。
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    • 請問以下八個英文慣用語的意思

      ...say6、pay through the nose (for):付出太多而感到心痛;to pay too much for something7、talks nineteen to the dozen:精力充沛地/積極地談論、迅速地談論;【nineteen to the dozen】是 very rapidly or...

    • ninety to nothing 是何意思?

      ... to describe quick speaking. Someone speaking “nineteen to the dozen” is apparently talking so fast that he says nineteen words where the average person could only say...