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  1. talk sense into

    • ph.
      persuade (someone) to behave more sensibly
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    • ph.
      persuade (someone) to behave more sensibly

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • talk about和talk的差別

      ... politics for a long time.(討論...之事) to talk nonsense=胡說八道 to talk sense=說有道理的話 所以,talk的意思如果是討論時,介系詞可用,可不用: ...

    • in the sense that的意思

      Both have a problem in the sense that there's not a lot of sex education. = Both have a problem that there'...

    • 急~這是作業~誰能幫我翻譯作文(中翻英)

      ... something wrong, he will start scolding us for a really long time, talking some sense into us. His interest is reading novels. He...