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  1. talk someone/something up

    • discuss someone or something in a way that makes them seem more interesting or attractive
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    • talk over

      to talk something over with someone =與某人商議某事 I have got something to talk over with you.=我有事要跟你商量。 to talk over..., don't bottle them up inside. 以上例句及說明取自《新世紀英漢辭典...

    • 請問以下八個英文慣用語的意思

      ...scorn2、get one's monkey up:(使)生氣、(使)發怒3、catch (someone) napping:發覺某人...39;s neck out (for someone or something):做給自己招惹麻煩的事 too much for something7talks nineteen to the dozen:精力...

    • kind of不是在英文裡當形容詞嗎?怎麼能修飾動詞?

      在口語裡kind of是當副詞用。 used when you are talking about someone or something in a general way without being very exact or definite: It kind of brings up an issue we talked about at the first meeting.(kind of修飾動詞...