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  1. talk sth. over with sb.

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    • 誰可以給我多一點的英文名句 / 諺語 / 成語 ???

      ... Verbs with much detail. to run over-to review, to rehearse run across- to meet sb or find sth unexpectedly While.... to touch on- to talk briefly about; to discuss superficially...

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      ...bring + sb + sth~. = S bring + sth + to sb~. 6. I can not do that without...12. I think I can go with you half an hour later. 13. We do not know if he will come over or not. 14.One of the ...

    • 英文好的幫忙一下><~

      ... better Vr(原型動詞)為固定用法 D wish 人(Sb.) to do 事(Sth.) 希望 ; 想要某人做某事