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  1. talk up


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    • 1. 大聲講 Will you talk up a bit? 你再大聲一點好嗎?
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    • 拜託各位英語高手!!(英語慣用語~)

      ...唱衰:指的是不好的運氣或大不幸。這場風兩真是掃了我們野餐的興致。 up:to make something sound very attractive I talked Sam up to ...

    • Wake up 歌詞

      ... UpThere’s people talkingThey talk about meThey know my nameThey think they...okay(It’s okay, okay...)[Chorus:]Wake up, wake upOn a Saturday nightCould...

    • 問 英美語文習慣用語 翻譯 hang the moon

      ...than people who merely talk. Making this statement indicates that the talking up to this time has been bullshit and that it is now time to do something...