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  1. tall hat

    • n.
      another term for top hat
    • noun: tall hat, plural noun: tall hats

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    • 請問誰能給我英文演講講稿(20)

      ... novel. Fify’s has famous hats: Flat hats, tall hats, and broadside flower bonnets, “They are fashionable...

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      1. drum major uniform是複合名詞=軍樂隊隊長 (指揮)的制服 drum major = 軍樂隊隊長 2. as is the flag to be carried 的用來帶出一個子句的連接詞(as表示相同的狀況)。這裡因為倒裝,所以 is移到主詞flag前去了。 the flag to be carried is always different與the letters...

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      ...the ladies ’hats. -->These hats belong to the landies. 2.Fall is...noisily than girls. 6.Wayne is the tallest boy in class. Wayne is taller than...