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    • 最高的
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    • tall和high的差別

      ...sea level---- in the world, but it's not really the tallest . Measured from its base on the floor...%B3%B0 如果單就兩個單字細分則: ◆ tall (tall-er, tall-est) (of a person, building, tree, etc...

    • tallest啥意思?

      tallest是最高的意思 形容詞的比較級和最高級 tall taller tallest 她是他們三個最高的 She is the tallest. 他和我比,他比較高 She is taller than me. 最高級前面要加the

    • \”high和tall\”

      Tall:(用以表示或詢問高度)有…高,身高 How tall are you? I'm only 5ft tall, and I look younger than my age. I am already as...