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  1. tally out


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    • [英文] 求教兩句英翻中

      A‧Analyses were carried out by tallying the numbers of nurses who rated their perceived...

    • 中翻英~商業英文~包裝確認..感恩

      ... has been ready in package and we will ship out to Kaohsiung port this Friday. As...would like to change to carton without heat treatment which is tally ecology and avoid insect pest. Please confirm with ...

    • 商業英文 名詞翻譯解釋 國貿相關

      ...船上負責裝貨的大副(*chief mate)或其他負責人根據理貨單(*tally sheet)簽發給託運人作為船上收到貨物的收據·船公司核收...貨櫃集散場的收貨員簽發的收據。 draw(made out)(issue) a draft 發票;逆匯;出票,債權人或賣方主動自行...