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  1. tank town

    • IPA[taNGk toun]
    • n.
      a small unimportant town (used originally of a town at which trains stopped to take on water).
    • noun: tank town, plural noun: tank towns

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      ... low at this moment, A determines to hold two empty oil tanks to go to the recent small town to buy the oil, whether give repeated exhortations B before...

    • border的用法

      ...patrol near the border with Israel. An Israeli tank moves near the border with the northern Gaza ...between Georgia and South Ossetia outside town Odzisi, July 29.

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      書就像人一樣! 你可能喜歡一個人不需要去問他從哪裡來; 你可能喜歡一本書不需要急切的想閱讀他. 這樣的書就在我們的店中! 我們知道所有的書, 我們喜歡書本, 我們也喜歡書本的陪伴, 因為對一個賣書人而言, 書本不是給我們閱讀的; 書本是要控管, 是要銷售的. 對賣書的人而言, 書本是要有...