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  1. tape

    • IPA[teɪp]


    • n.
      a narrow strip of material, typically used to hold or fasten something;a strip of paper or plastic coated with adhesive and sold in a roll, used to stick things together
    • v.
      record (sound or pictures) on audio or video tape;fasten or attach (something) with adhesive tape
    • noun: tape, plural noun: tapes

    • verb: tape, 3rd person present: tapes, gerund or present participle: taping, past tense: taped, past participle: taped

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    • 請問”tape transcrition”的中文怎麼翻

      想跟發問者討論一下: 'Tape Transcription'會不會是用在寫員工職務或刊登...記錄, 何不直接用 'take minutes'? 如果硬要翻這 'Tape Transcription', 我會翻成「放音抄錄」或...

    • tape recorder中文解釋?

      A~錄音機 補充~多學一點~常用的~ tape 1. 【物】 狹帶,帶子 2. 【物】 膠布,橡皮膏 3. 【物】 絕緣膠布 4. 【物】 磁[錄音]帶 recorder 1. 【人】 記錄者,記錄員 2.【物】 記錄器,錄音機,錄影機

    • tape recorder的音標?

      如果沒記錯的話應該是 [tep rI'korde]