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  1. taper off

    • ph.
      逐漸減少; 逐漸停止;逐漸變細
    • 釋義


    • 1. 逐漸減少; 逐漸停止 Taper off the amount of time given to rest until you can adjust to full-time work. 要逐步減少休息時間, 直到你體力上完全適應全日工作。 Robert gave up smoking all at once instead of tapering off. 羅伯特沒有採取逐漸停止吸菸的辦法, 而是一下子把菸戒掉了。
    • 2. 逐漸變細 The animal's tail tapers off to a point. 這動物的尾巴逐漸變細。