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    • 請問正式的英文e-mail應該怎麼寫?(20點)

      ... would like to receive the cargo ASAP in order to match their target date for HK. Would you please kindly check the stock for below items...

    • without a flag being raised英翻中

      我想Sea+Air應該是指海空聯運,一種貨運的方法。這段翻譯的比較白話一點就是: 我實在不了解,為什麼已經說好是海空聯運的運送方式,而且收件日也都訂好了,但是東西就是毫無預警的遲到!拜託你,下次如果真的又會遲到,跟Marcos說清楚(write a msg = e-mail...

    • 請英文好的高手幫我校槁,主管推薦函...急

      ...tenacious and has the strong will to get things done and meet the target date with all her best. She is also competent at analytical work...