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  1. target language


    • n.
      the language into which a text, document, or speech is translated.;a foreign language which a person intends to learn.
    • noun: target language, plural noun: target languages

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      ...for purposes of learning ... 2.Target language:Target Language refers...provide learners with a natural context for language use. As learners work to complete a...

    • 有關一些基本的程式概念

      ... to as the source language)to another language (referred to as the target language). 轉譯式程式語言,例如組合語言和編譯器一樣,是將程式由一種語言(原始語言...

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      ...language to another. Often what they translate are reading in the target language about some aspect of the culture of the target language community.老師叫學生翻譯某種語言...