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  1. taunts

    • taunt的名詞複數
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    • 世紀帝國2裡的資料夾

      ...待查 History 一些歷史資料 Learn 使用者ID設定資料 Taunt 數字語音檔 Random 隨機地圖---下載地圖檔案 SaveGame 紀錄檔...

    • 問一個句字的意思(10點喔)

      he suffered from dyslexia, and there were taunts from children, and even some aduts, who made the wrong assumption...

    • nyeah nyeah na nyeah nyeah 的中文

      ...'ve heard English-speaking children use to taunt one another I understand that the tune can be sung with almost any variety...