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  1. tax dodge


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    • dodge 與 evade的不同?

      ...或「避」,是一種 escape 或 avoid,採取措施以逃避或避免。例如逃稅,evade taxes,逃脫 evade arrest。避開戰爭 evade wars 等等。 dodge 還有另外一種躲的方式,並不移動身體,但還是在「躲」,就是當人家問問題...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯成英文嗎~

      ... the social justice principle, for example the military service, the tax money and so on, have the dual nationality people to have the possibility to...status, plays with the law, enjoys the right actually to dodge the duty and the responsibility.

    • 求助世界新聞英文翻譯~

      President-elect Bachelet vows to tackle Chile's social divide 智利總統後選人承諾將改善國內社會分歧問題 Fresh from her election as Chile's first woman president, socialist Michelle Bachelet vowed to root...