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  1. taxicab

    • IPA[ˈtaksēˌkab]


    • n.
      a car licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare, usually fitted with a taximeter.
    • noun: taxicab, plural noun: taxicabs

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    • IPA[ˈtaksɪkab]


    • n.
      a taxi.

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 多益試題解答說明

      Most cities have regulations that ______how much money taxicab drivers may charge in a given area. (a)determining (b...

    • 請幫我翻譯為英文...有關計程車車費

      此趟車費為台幣950元 The taxi/cab fare (for this trip) is NT$950. 此趟車費為台幣900元 The taxi/cab fare (for this trip) is NT$900. 計程車 : taxi/cab/taxicab 車費 : fare

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      ...紐約旅遊的遊客而言她們一定 have taken a few rides about town in a taxicab that all New Yorkers are filled with a 發現當她們...