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    • 繁重的,費力的
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    • 請問 tax break 和 tax reduction?

      我想你說的tax reduction 應該是 tax deduction 基本上2者...也幫你查了解釋,希望對你有幫助^^ Tax break: a tax deduction that is ...36 補充: 忘了說,如果你說的真的是tax reduction的話,那就容易多啦字面解釋...

    • Final Withholding Tax是什麼?

      簡單的說,Final Withholding Tax=Withholding Tax-Creditable... Paid-Final Withholding Tax       =Total Amount Paid...

    • about Tax return ? getting 1099, you're screwed. You have to pay for all the taxes. Your employer is not responsible for paying any taxes for...