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    • 餐飲英文對話~急

      .... I have already enjoyed. W: Coffee or tea after your main course? I will have a cup of cappuccino. Let ...

    • 銷售時要用到的英語

      ...感覺很溫馨! This one is country style, give me the warm and cozy feeling. 這是很雅痞的個性風格,很適合單身貴族! 這件床單是巴洛克...

    • (10點)急..幫忙翻譯一下英文短文..小弟文法極差.幫幫忙

      ...狗狗一起悠閒同樂的地方I hope I could create a cozy and comfortable environment for dogs and thier loving...狗的心得therefore the owners could get together for some tea and exchange their precious experience in my restaurant...