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  1. teach to the test

    • ph.
      teach students using methods intended primarily to improve their performance on an examination rather than to enhance their understanding of a subject
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    • 請問有沒有人提供 My Future 作文 ?「急」

      ... by the National Training only ,and I am teach to the test and I may fail !!!I Would think of my future again ...

    • 誰能幫我解釋graph and table (t test)

      能某人幫助我或者教我該如何解釋 t 測試、 p 價值,95% 信心消除而且 i 將如何知道何時該使用成雙成對的 t 測試和不成雙成對的 t 測試。。。 舉例來說在我們的實驗室經驗方面。。。我們有 2個主題%3位一個男性和女性 (24個男性和 24位女性) 、年齡,高度, FVC 和 FEV 被問...

    • grill and drill的意思

      ...grill and drill curriculum” that substitutes learning by rote and teaching to the test for the transmission of critical thinking from teacher to pupil. Grammar...