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    • 教師,老師,導師
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    • Please teacher 是什麼意思?

      (1)"Please, teacher, (老師, 求求你。)don't beat me," (2) Teacher: "...teacher, (老師, 我不要。) I don't think I want to study history." Teacher: "Why?" Student: "There is no future...

    • 什麼叫teacher after teacher???

      ...來一直來,一個接著一個,越來越多人,啊怎麼每個人都這樣?(相信我,這就是teacher after teacher的解釋...) 注釋: 意會一下就好。有些英文,硬把他翻成中文,會...

    • Learn by teacher or yourself

      ... think that it is always better to have a teacher. Okay, now, image you are reading a...hold the responsibility of your development. A good teacher will try to be your friend, and he will concern ...