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    • 請英文高手幫我看看文法有沒有錯~3Q

      ... will make a lot of progress. I learned from this activity that team mates need a lot of cooperation. And for this perfromance, we used the days...

    • 求救!英文翻譯---給10點喔~

      ...and chemistry. 學藝股長 Class leader for various activities.游泳隊隊員 Team mate for swimming team.大專集訓成功嶺XX獎 XX reward for univeristy...

    • dumble or dumbie?

      ...當然dummie還有其他意思 例如....假人,腳色 I act as a dummie for my team mates during practice(練習的 時候 ,我當一個模擬敵人的腳色) 這邊用假人就太好笑了...