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  1. tear

    • IPA[teə(r)]



    • vt.
      撕; 撕破;拉掉
    • vi.
      撕裂;撕開; 猛烈抨擊某人/某事物
    • n.
    • 過去式:tore 過去分詞:torn 現在分詞:tearing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 撕; 撕破 to tear sth. in half or two 把某物撕成兩半 to tear sth. in or into pieces or bits 把某物撕成碎片
    • 2. 拉掉 to tear sth. from or off or out of sth. 從某物中扯掉某物 you nearly tore my arm out of its socket 你差點把我的胳膊拉脫臼了
    • 3. 使分裂 a country torn by civil war 被內戰弄得四分五裂的國家


    • 1. 撕裂 this fabric tears easily 這種布很容易扯破
    • 2. 撕開; 猛烈抨擊某人/某事物 to tear along the seam/dotted line 沿接縫/虛線撕開 to tear at sth. 撕扯某物
    • 3. 飛跑; 疾馳 a car came tearing round the corner 一輛汽車飛馳轉過街角 she tore off down the road 她沿路飛奔而去


    • 1. 裂縫


    1. a drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands in a person's eye when they cry or when the eye is irritated