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    tear around

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    • [英文]高難度翻譯請高手幫忙~急!送20點

      ...通常有字數限制,確切表達自己想表達的意思即可, There are some tears around the top button eye of the item, Although it's not cheating, But...

    • 英文文法選擇

      ...3. To travel around the world is a dream for me. To travel around有未來尚未做的意思 4.) The lecturer threatened us to tears. threaten威脅bore 使人無趣無聊

    • 聽英文歌詞20點(石康軍黑夜過後)

      ... who's the one that really cares somebody feel my tears some body share my fears i've been running around with scissors i'm getting more and more exhausted all...