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  1. teased

    • tease的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • are you a tease?

      Tease 原文字典解釋 ----------------------------------------------------------------- 名詞意思一. If.... (喜歡捉/戲弄他人的人) 名詞意思二 If you refer to someone as a tease, you mean that they pretend to offer someone something that they want, especially sex, but then...

    • teasing和female line是啥<20點>

      teasing 除了揶揄的嘲弄的外 動作上有逗弄之意 She came near to me,teasing me on the nipple with her finger. female line =on mother's side

    • 幫我把這些過去式造句

      ... son in a blanket. 她用毛毯包裹她的兒子。5.teasedJohn teased Mary about her boyfriend. 強尼拿瑪莉的男朋友取笑她。