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  1. technical reliability

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    • 可以幫忙翻譯英文科技教育。

      來自許多被接見者的另一門課是在接受方面承認功績的需要,不 解散,機會根據較舊的技術提供。 在湯尼減弱國際的經驗 當做一個技術改革者和批評家: ’新的技術不總是比舊的技術好。 因此它沒有道理丟棄我們確實知道而且假裝,每件事物是新的。’ 拿俄米...

    • 翻譯這段英文 運輸相關(20點)

      ...certain features when compared to road and railway traffic. The reliability of the transportation depends on technical and operational conditions on the navigable waterway, which may be variable and impose...

    • 公司簡介翻英文~很急拜托

      .... With qualified technical personnel operate in accordance with standardize ... obtained with high confidence (Reliability) which can help customers to test any...