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    • 青少年
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    • teen teenage teenager

      ... 當a teen (n.)是名詞時 (American English; informal)= a teenager eg. a TV sex education series aimed at teenagers 2. 雖說 a...

    • 修改Teenagers have many wear

      Teenagers have many wear styles, but they also care about how to wear because they want to...get fashionable information. Those can help them catch fashions.Teenagers’ styles, like hip-hop, formal or casual, have different wearing. The...

    • 英文 teen teenager的區分

      "Teen"代表的是時期,"Teenager"則是指人,以下幫你舉兩個例子...意思是相同的。 但Teen的例句如果用Teenager來代替的話則不通。 "Young"...