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  1. telephone tapping


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    • 很急~請幫我中翻英文章(電話竊聽)

      I think your phone has been tapped 我覺得你的電話被竊聽了 Your phone with others 你跟別人講電話 Like me the telephone 會像跟我講電話一樣 About half of the noise alone with the broken...

    • 問單字!!幫忙解答一下巴!!!

      ...窗簾 3. desk 書桌 4. garage 車庫 5. drawer 抽屜 6. tap 水龍頭 7. table lamp 檯燈 8. light 電燈 9.mirror 鏡子...burner 爐子 30. tape 錄音帶 31. tape recorder 錄音機 32.telephone 電話 33. a television set 電視機 32. record 錄影 33.walkman...

    • CPR<<<<20點

      ...or unconscious? If the person appears unconscious, tap or shake his or her shoulder and ask loudly, "... you are alone and have immediate access to a telephone, call 911 before beginning CPR — unless you...