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  1. tell

    • KK[tɛl]
    • DJ[tel]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:told 過去分詞:told 現在分詞:telling

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    • 1. 告訴;講述,說[O1][O5][O6][(+about/of/to)] He told us how the accident happened. 他告訴我們那次事故是怎麼發生的。 She told me that she would be back in an hour. 她告訴我她一個小時內就會回來。
    • 2. 吩咐,命令[O2][O6] Tell him not to come tomorrow. 叫他明天別來。 I told her to wait. 我叫她等一等。
    • 3. 顯示,顯露[O5][O6] She cracked a smile that told her joy. 她綻出笑容,顯露內心的歡樂。
    • 4. 識別;辨別[O5][O6][O][(+from/apart)] I really can't tell which is which. 我實在看不出哪個是哪個。
    • 5. (常用過去時)忠告,警告[Y][O2][+(that)] I told you not to do that, and now look what's happened! 我警告過你不要幹此事,你瞧現在出事了。
    • 6. 向……告發[(+on)]


    • 1. 講述[(+of/about)] The book tells of his sister's life in Japan. 這本書談及他妹妹在日本的生活情況。
    • 2. 識別;判定 It's too early to tell. 現在要作出判斷為時過早。
    • 3. 產生效果;發生影響[(+on)] Strain began to tell on his health. 過度勞累開始影響他的健康。
    • 4. 【口】告發[(+on)]


    vt. 告訴;說;表達;顯示;吩咐


    「vi. & vt. 告訴;講述;命令」的反義字

    • tell的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • pt
    • tell的過去式和過去分詞


    • ph.
      分辨 Can you tell the twin sisters apart? 你分得清這兩個孿生姐妹嗎?
    • ph.
      斥責 I was ten minutes late and she told me off in front of everyone. 我遲到了十分鐘, 她當著大家的面訓斥了我一番。
    • ph.
      辨別 Can you tell John from his brother? 你能區別約翰和他的弟弟嗎? It's hard to tell Jane from Julie for the twins look so much alike. 簡和萩莉很難分辨, 因為這對雙包胎長得太像了。
    • ph.
      由...判斷出; 經由...而得知 Mother could tell that David was lying from his look. 媽媽由大衛的表情就可以看出他在說謊。 It is easy to tell from his accent that he is from Hong Kong. 由他的口音很容易判斷出他來自香港。
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    • IPA[tel]



    • vt.
      講; 告訴; 說 to tell sb. sth., to tell sth. to sb. 告訴某人某事 to tell the time, 看鐘表
    • vi.
      確定 it may rain or it may not; it's very hard to tell 可能下雨,也可能不下,這很難說 you just can't tell with people like that 像那樣的人你可說不準
    • 說,講述,告訴