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  1. tell it as it is


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    • 1. 實事求是;坦率而誠實 A child should learn to tell it as it is. 孩子應該學會實事求是地講話。
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    • 有關英文文法英文文法^^

      ...though we didn't like the idea, we did it as was told. 雖然我們並不認同這個想法, 但是我們還是...再舉個例子: The traffic is heavy as it is in other large cities. The traffic...

    • as”文法的問題

      ...還未進來時的原狀 就是你們繼續吧 \ Boys come to me as I told you Girls go get what you want as you wish. 2. as was it Those men kept moving down there as were...

    • What is ”juncture”?

      ... with "connected speech". It is the manner of transition or mode of relationship between equate the whole word with the syllable. Such as "zip" and "pill". These words constitue...