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    tell it like it is

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    • 我需要懂美國口語的人.

      ...雙包胎之間的溝通就表示不用做太多的說明啦~ 2.It's best to tell it like it is. 照實說是最好的辦法. (like "it is" 這個 it is 就是指...

    • 以下可以幫我翻譯成中文嗎?

      ...有人可以告訴我嗎? what it was like when girls horny? can anyone tell me? what it was like when girls was horny?(X) 文法錯誤,少了be動詞 因該要說...

    • 有關英文文法英文文法^^

      ...版主您好: Even though we didn't like the idea, we did it as was told. 雖然我們並不認同這個想法, 但是我們...例子: The traffic is heavy as it is in other large cities. The...