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  1. telling-off

    • KK[͵tɛlɪŋˋɔf]
    • DJ[͵teliŋˋɔ:f]


    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 罵的英文是?

      tell off told off i was told off by my father this morning 今天早上我被我爸罵... tell off 有斥責某人的不是的意思 scold也是對的... My mother scold at me this morning Tell off 比較口語話

    • 英語> 嗆聲怎麼說 ?

      rebuke tell off slap on the wrist shout back reprimand tick off confront defy dare

    • How to tell switch from turn?

      ...php?t=1182903 2. From my opinion, I rarely heard switch on/off and havn't used the phrase before. Usually, I used...