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  1. temperature inversion


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    • 有人可以幫我翻譯專業英文句子?(急)

      ...1952年產生大量的死亡(4天期間有4000個)。 Such fog can be persistent when temperature inversion occurs, a condition brought about by little wind and a layer of cool...

    • 告訴我一些常用的英文10點

      ...溫度 Temperature熱成風 Thermal Wind逆溫層 Temperature Inversion Layer青藏高氣壓 Tibetan High陸龍捲 Tornado熱帶...

    • with v.s because of 的問題

      ...interchangeable. There are many forms of inversion, and the one in question here mostly involes ... is not known for its breezy temperatures, and because of that came the retractable roof. http...