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    tempt fate

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    • 英文對話中幾段簡短的翻譯

      ...else that can go wrong with this stupid copier?! Pam: Don’t tempt fate. It could be worse. The whole thing could break down! 答: ...

    • 有哪些外國迷信?原由?(要英文句子!)

      ... us what you think. Your reaction: I always touch wood after tempting fate and say "bless you" when someone sneezes. I don't sing ...

    • 請幫我翻譯”中文”

      從未在梯子旁走動的我, 我撐開雨傘, 路上的黑貓默默的遊走 完全沒有意會到, 我從來沒有下過如此大的賭注, 所以我要去敲那木門, 依在我的肩膀上, 願意付出自己所有的心力來保留她的愛, 因為每次當我擁抱她時 都覺得很幸福, 就像我相信它永遠都會, 我想這會一直...