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    • 請問一個英文單字 attempt 的用法

      attemp tempt 及物動詞 ex. The price is so tempting. 這價位真是誘人 This movie is so good, it's tempting me to watch it again. 這電影實在太棒了, 它吸引我再從看一次 tempt...

    • 英翻中.詞性.例句~勿用翻譯網翻譯

      .... 一旦那股票到達一個價數,他們開始有系統的抛售自己的股份。 9. tempting array (noun) 誘人的陣仗 They put out such tempting array of delicious...

    • 請問英文高手這兩句的文法

      ...2. The intense competition means that some airlines may be tempted to promise more than they can deliver. 動詞不能改成 may tempt to... 減化一些來看...